A new solution for extending autonomy of people with MCI

INFINITy, a product and services for supporting people with MCI in indoor and outdoor environments.

Daily Function Assistant (DFA)

This service enables users to be assisted in their daily life activities by means of the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The DFA application allows creating physical smart tags that automatize a wide set of functions addressing different challenges such as, identifying objects, controlling the mobile phone, etc. Users can naturally scan the pre-configured smart tags in order to automatically trigger an action.

Point of Interest Mapping

This system captures relevant information regarding the mobility of a user within an open area, mapping Points of Interest (POIs) frequently visited by the user. The POI mapping application allows detecting and monitoring activities performance in open spaces, and creates a functional map based on detected information.


A notification triggering system based on BLE enabled beacons able to provide notifications when use is nearby a specific POI, according to a pre-defined range of proximity.

INFINITy Integrator

INFINITy is going to integrate the above components in a transparent, easy to use mobile application able to: (1) provide a prompt intervention in case of behavioural change; (2) enable personalisation of POIs; (3) provide orientation support in open environments; and (4) monitor the performance of users’ daily activities. Through the matchmaking layer of the integrator, the mapping among the users and activities performed into a specific context are selected based on rule-base matchmaking techniques, statistical approaches and service semantics.